Be well-versed in the liberal arts through constant study and review, elegance and grace in language and demeanor will ensue.

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, Boya offers an undisturbed reading experience for the young minds. In the hectic and ever-changing sound and light in today's world, Boya is a clear stream in the mountains, offering knowledge and wisdom for the inquisitive eyes; in the historical situation of the East and the West, the ancient and the modern, Boya is a stage for scholarly exchange and mutual appreciation, broadening the vision of the intellectually brave students.

We welcome you to join Boya, and together we will listen to the teachings of great minds as we have intellectual conversations and scholarly debates, as the stars of civilization in the vast night sky illuminate the path beneath our feet. Nurtured by the moral lessons and unrivaled passions of great thinkers, we will be inspired by the most brilliant men and women of the past and present; we will cultivate a simple and upright spirit, and become useful for our families, the nation, and the entire world.

A great journey starts with the first steps. For a better world, fellow Boya-ers, let us work together!

Zhang Xudong

Honorary Dean